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Customer support
1 Paint Your Own Pottery
1.1 When will my pottery be ready to pick up?

Generally 1 week after the project is finished and presented to our staff! Unless a quick fire option is purchased in which case it will be done 4 days later. We will not call you when it is ready but you can always call us and check!

1.2 How do I book a party with you?

Our Parties page is the place to go! Whether its a Clay Studio or PYOP party it will be available to reserve your spot there! If you have specific questions about stock or specific dates don't hesitate to call (512-892-3200) or email us([email protected])!

1.3 I broke my pottery on the way home... Can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately these things happen and are completely out of our control. We'd be happy to have you back to paint another piece or to assist in the repair!

2 Clay Studio
2.1 What is a Try It?

Our Try It classes are a one time class that offers a fun, easy, and exciting first step into the world of ceramics! Each class begins with a introduction demonstration by the instructor which usually lasts about 15-20 minutes. After that the students are given (3)1 lbs pre-centered pieces of clay to make their own pots! The instructor will be hands on the first attempt but #2 & #3 are up to the customer to experiment and have fun!

2.2 Can I reschedule my class?

Try it Classes: You have until 2 days before the class starts to reschedule. If we are inside of a 48 hour window before the class starts we can reschedule the class or we can apply the amount paid to a future class via store credit with a $10 processing fee per person. If it is the day of the class we can not reschedule or offer full refunds even in store credit. The class must be attended or the total amount paid is lost to customer. We will offer a 60% refund in these cases as the spot was filled when another customer could have booked and attended.


Long Term Classes: Time or classes missed can only be made up with open studio hours.

2.3 Will you fire my piece if I did not create it in your studio?

Short answer is: No we will not fire your piece if it is made outside of our studio. If we do not know what clay it is and what temperature to fire it to many serious problems can occur.


If clay is purchased through the studio and time is bought to work here we would be more than happy to fire your piece because we know the clay and instructors can keep an eye on the project as its built to ensure every precaution is taken during the firing.

2.4 Im coming from another studio.. do I have to start at the beginning again?

No! Our instructors are great at teaching students where they are at while still following the curricula set for the class. If you are having a hard time or the instructor feels more basics need to be taught they can work more personally with you to achieve that goal. 

2.5 When will my pottery be ready to pick up?

Our Try It class pieces generally take 4 weeks to complete and be ready for pick up. There are several factors to this though so we are sure to call you to make you aware your pieces are ready. If its been longer than 4-5 weeks please feel free to call us and we will track down what stage your pieces are in.


Long term students will have pieces ready in a more spread out fashion and will likely come out over several weeks depending on the number of pieces the student made. Students can also track their pieces progress through our electronic ticket app.