Cafe Monet loves hosting parties! We'll take care of everything for you from set up to clean up, and your guests will have a great time getting in touch with their creative side. Kids and Adults both have a great time, so invite your friends for Birthdays, Showers, and Celebrations at Cafe Monet! 

Planning your team-building event, girl scout troop badge earning, or church outing? Our party offers are available to you, too! Plus, if you’d like to learn more about working with clay, canvas, or watercolors- we are happy to accommodate your group.

We provide the art supplies and instruction for a creative celebration. Children's birthday parties are an hour and a half long and include a hand painted memory plate. Adult's parties are two hours long. All pottery party pieces can be picked up 7 days later. Required: $50 party room fee (non-refundable, not valid with other specials).

To plan your next party, call the studio or book online!



The Monet Package has many small figurines such as the Chunky Monkey, Petunia Pig, Calico Cat, Paisley Pup, Spike Monster, Terrence the Turtle, and more. We will put together 5 selections for your party guests to choose to paint based on availability. A great package for creature lovers, kids love painting these cute pieces!




The Picasso Package, shown with our memory plate, consists of the Coupe or Rim Salad Plate, and Italian Mug, Jewelry Box, Snack Bowl, and Bud Vase. This is the most popular package, children love painting these whimsical yet practical pieces!




The Van Gogh Package has several options that include the Maisy Cat Bank, Tugboat Bank, Lion Box, Noah's Ark Bank, Pierre Dog Box, Dizzy Dog Bank, Heart Box, and Star Box. Of the pieces, we will put together 5 selections for your party guests to choose to paint based on our availability. A fantastic package for kids who like practical pieces with a fun twist - our best value!



O'Keefe Package

The O'Keefe Package comes with three mosaic options: the Daisy, Star, or Heart. Mosaic parties are a great way for kids to explore a different kind of creativity! The children will be able to take the mosaics home with them on the same day, along with a grout kit to complete their project.


DaVinci Package

The DaVinci Package comes with three options to choose from: a large Mug, Cereal Bowl and Dinner Plate. This package is very popular for adults and team-building activities! 


choose your own

For the most flexibility, you can also have your party guests choose their own pieces to paint, or mosaic!  This option is perfect for groups of adults that would like to allow their group to have the most creativity. This is also a great party for Bridal and Baby Showers.

10% off each piece


Need a quiet place to hold a meeting?  Our Triangle location has a beautiful space for groups to gather.  Our private room, which includes tables and chairs, can seat up to 24 guests.  Take advantage of the attached kitchenette with microwave, full-size refrigerator, and handicap-accessible sink.  As part of the Triangle Shopping Center, our space is surrounded by a lively local scene with popular bars and restaurants such as Mandola's Italian Restaurant, Maudie's Tex-Mex, The Flying Saucer, and more.  Free parking is available in the surrounding lot or on the first floor of the two parking garages.

We will be present to assist you with any questions you have throughout the duration of your event, but our staff is not available for serving food, setup, or cleanup.  Adult beverages, food, and table decorations are all welcome. 

This private room is available for $50hour, with a minimum of 2 hours booking time.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many painters can be seated in the private party room?
In the Westgate Studio: 18, in the Triangle Studio: 24.  We always require a minimum of 8 pieces painted per party.

Please Note: We encourage drop offs, as seating and standing room for parents is limited at both studios.

Can I bring food/drinks?
Of course!  Make sure to bring any utensils and paper goods that you'll need to serve and eat with as well.  We have some pretty great deals with local pizzerias, though you may choose any vendor you like for food.  Both of our locations are BYOB friendly.

Should I bring decorations?
That's up to you!  Many groups do not feel the need to add decorations, and some go all out!  Balloons, food-table decorations, and streamers are fairly common.  However, we do request NO confetti and noisemakers. 

I'm making invitations, do you have any? 
Yes, we have several options of custom invitations for your next party at Cafe Monet.

Can I have a longer time in the party room?
If you would like to reserve a longer time for your party, (more than 1.5 hours for a children's party or 2 hours for an adult's party) on Monday through Thursday will be $25 per additional hour, Friday through Sunday will be $50 per additional hour, paid with your party deposit. 

How do I book a party?
Call the studio closest to you and take care of it over the phone or book online!