Spruce It Up

Now you can paint something to take home on the same day at our Triangle Studio - no waiting for your masterpiece!  These wooden plaques make great door hangings.

Step One

Choose a Wooden Plaque you'd like to complete.  They have already been gessoed to provide a smooth surface for acrylics.  Typically, we have classic shapes like rectangles, stars, and flowers, but there are also butterflies, moons, cupcakes, elephants, and football helmets!

Step Two

Let us know when you're ready and we'll show you the acrylic paint bar.  You'll need to pick up palettes and brushes while there and then choose from a full rainbow of colors, plus glitter!  You can take the paint bottles with you to your table and mix colors if necessary.

Step Three

Paint!  You can always go back to the acrylic bar to get colors you forgot.  If you plan on painting in layers, make sure to give yourself enough time for each layer to dry.

Step Four

Check out with us and take your piece home!

No Studio Fee! You pay for the wooden plaque you select and that is ALL, there is NEVER a studio fee! The cost labeled on the piece covers your project, paints, and anything else you need from us during your visit.